Short Cuts

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Last month, the San Francisco Police Department arrested a prolific automobile burglar near the Potrero Annex-Terrace Housing Complex.  According to Officer Patrick McNichol, the suspect was nabbed as a result of solid constabulary work and luck…Prompted by an increase in pedestrian activity, an all-way stop has been installed at 18th and Minnesota streets.


Half of the 14 pedestrian deaths in San Francisco last year was visited on seniors. Fear of being hit by a car can lead pensioners and disabled people from perambulating; the ensuing isolation may reduce life spans.  One challenge golden agers and individuals with restricted mobility have is insufficient time to traverse streets. The City’s historical cross walk standard has been four feet a second, based on research of how long it takes younger, abled, folks to cross. People reliant on a walker or cane may need longer. Last month, after considering shifting the timing to 3.5 feet per second, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, decided to increase the time shown during pedestrian countdowns based on a new standard of three feet a second.