Short Cuts

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According to San Francisco Police Department officer Pat McNichol there’s been (another) uptick in automobile burglaries and break-ins, particularly around Illinois and 22nd streets. And earlier this fall there was a robbery on 20th and Connecticut streets. If you call 911 from your cell phone, make sure to give your location.


The University of California, San Francisco has added 15 new all-electric transit vehicles to its inter-campus shuttle network, which serves UCSF employees, faculty, students, patients and guests. The electric shuttles replaced 17 gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.  A quarter of the university’s fleet is now electric, with a goal of an all-electric fleet within 10 years. UCSF’s shuttle network transports roughly 8,000 passengers a day, driving close to one million miles annually throughout the City.  In comparison to their fossil fueled brethren, the battery electric buses will emit 60 metric tons less of CO2.