Short Cuts

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Commercial Crime

Last month four businesses in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill – Invention Hub, Poquito’s, Papito’s, and Chat’s Roasting Company – were burglarized, in Chat’s case for the seventh time in the last eighteen months…In the meantime, in the face of chronic automobile break-ins and thefts, the San Francisco Police Department posted sentries at the American Industrial Center, and quickly caught two criminals in the act of auto robbery – both from the Western Addition – as well as a crew from the Oakdale gang breaking into cars.  Police suspect that the partial legalization of marijuana has diverted criminals to other pursuits, such as vehicle theft…The Southern Station’s boundaries were extended to 16th Street last month, and will expand to Mariposa Street next month, to enable Mission Bay to be policed by a single district.  In the meantime, Mishpot residents, at least those on Utah Street, are advocating to join the Bayview District…

Act Universally

A Hill family has installed a model solar system, applying laminated stickers on curbs from the corner of 20th and Missouri streets to the corner of 20th and Third streets.  Within a ten minute stroll visitors can travel from the Sun to Pluto, noting the planets as they go by. Everything’s to scale to give a sense of the size and distances of the actual solar system.  Basic facts about each planet are provided in small print.  The first block runs on the north side of 20th, alongside Daniel Webster Elementary School; after that, the system goes to the south side of the street…Dan Redmond posted a note on Nextdoor last month pointing out that upwards of 1,600 units are being planned for development within 500 yards of Jackson Park, including the Cor-o-van, Dagget, 1601 Mariposa, 16th and Carolina, and Arkansas projects.  Which begs the question:  when is Jackson Park going to be re-envisioned as a cleaner, more family-friendly Dolores Park?  Potrero Hill needs a central green space, which a significantly enlarged re-designed Jackson Park is poised to play…

Fences Make Good Neighbors

Fences are up around a construction site adjacent to the San Francisco Design Center. According to the San Francisco Planning Department, developers are building 85 apartments, retail space and parking as part of a six-story edifice located at 1 Henry Adams Street. Bulldozers were moving dirt earlier this year in the block encircled by Division, Rhode Island, Henry Adams and Alameda streets. A sign posted at the site states that the apartments will be available for rent later this year. The cost of the project is expected to be $20 million…Neighbors are concerned about the proposed construction of building in an empty Third Street lot, between 20th and 22nd streets.  The edifice would consist of six two-bedroom units, three studios, and a retail storefront, with no automobile spaces.  Building units without any private parking could increase pressure on already limited street spots, particularly as public transit provision continues to lag behind population pressures.

At the End of the Rainbow

Retired hairstylist and former longtime Potrero Hill resident David de Alba will perform “By Myself on a Lonely Stage 2015, David de Alba’s LIVE Tribute to Judy Garland” on June 21, 2 p.m., at the Onyx Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For many years de Alba was the now defunct Finocchio Club’s bilingual singing star.  In his latest show he’ll bring Judy Garland back to life, including, according to de Alba’s media representative, “many lovely costumes changes…” and personal anecdotes.  A must “…see for any Judy Garland fan and for those who will appreciate a live singing female impressionist at best.” Tickets are $20 for VIP seating; $18 admission.

Sweet Smell of Success

BloomThat, which moved to Minnesota Street last year, is flowering.  The floral delivery company relocated to Dogpatch after outgrowing its South-of-Market location.  Its best seller is the tulip-centric Pixley, which doesn’t tip its petals to any particular gender or occasion.  The enterprise also offers succulents, bouquets in burlap, and gifts from local companies, including Bottle coffee and Edoughble cookie dough.

Monster Homes Tamed?

In an effort to slow down the proliferation of “monster homes” in Corona Heights, District 8 Supervisor Scott Weiner introduced legislation that requires additional scrutiny of proposed large homes and additions in that neighborhood.  The bill mandates a conditional use hearing and deeper environmental review for any new structure that exceeds 3,000 square feet or that would increase the size of an existing home by more than 75 percent.  It’d also limit extensions to 55 percent of lot coverage.  The legislation was prompted by developer purchases of multiple parcels with the idea of doubling or tripling the size of the existing structures, which some residents believe will threaten the rustic feel of the enclave.

It’s Nice to be Appreciated

Last month Turadg Aleahmad, who moved to the Hill just two years ago, gave a shout-out on NextDoor Potrero Hill to the View’s comic serial, “McKinley Square.”  The strip, drawn and written by Oakland resident Simon Stahl, was based on historical events that occurred in and around the neighborhood.  It wrapped up in February with a mini-series that focused on fictional characters that we’re imagined in the context of actual occurrences.  Stahl fans will be relieved to see  new work in today’s issue; hopefully he’ll continue to periodically contribute to the View.