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President and Vice President:  Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

United States Senator:  Kamala Harris

U.S. Representative:  Nancy Pelosi

State Senator:  Scott Weiner

State Assembly:  David Chiu

State Propositions

Vote “yes” on:

Proposition 51, school bonds

Proposition 52, Medi-Cal hospital fee

Proposition 54, legislature

Proposition 57, criminal sentences

Proposition 58, English proficiency

Proposition 59, corporations

Proposition 61, state prescription
drug purchases

Proposition 62, death penalty

Proposition 63, firearms

Proposition 64, marijuana legalization

Proposition 67 ban on single-use plastic bags

Vote “no” on:

Proposition 53 revenue bonds

Proposition 55 tax extension

Proposition 56 cigarette tax

Proposition 60 adult films

Proposition 65 carryout bags

Proposition 66 death penalty

Local Measures

Vote “yes” on:

Proposition A, $744.25 million school bond

Proposition C, affordable housing bond

Proposition G, police oversight

Proposition L, lower the vote required to reject the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s budget

Proposition O, office development on Candlestick and

Hunters Point

Proposition T, restricting gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists

Proposition V, tax on distributing sugar-sweetened beverages

Proposition RR, BART safety and reliability

Vote “no” on:

Proposition B, $99 parcel tax

Proposition D, special election for vacant supervisor seat

Proposition E, street tree maintenance

Proposition F, give 16 and 17 year-olds the right to vote

Proposition H, public advocate

Proposition I, funding for seniors and adults with disabilities

Proposition J, funding for homeless and transportation

Proposition M, housing and development commission

Proposition N, non-citizen voting on school board elections

Proposition P, competitive bidding for affordable housing

Proposition Q, prohibiting tends on public sidewalks

Proposition R, neighborhood crime unit

Proposition S, allocation of hotel tax funds

Proposition U, affordable housing requirements for market-rate development

Proposition W, real estate transfer tax