Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

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My husband and I grew up in suburbs, with tree-lined streets, quiet neighborhoods and very, very homogenous populations. Becoming parents has prompted us to engage in ongoing reflection over the type of upbringing we want to give our daughters.  As a biracial family in today’s tumultuous political climate, with a President who built a platform on fear and intolerance of diversity, we want to ensure, now more than ever, that our children are raised with exposure to a wide variety of people, where heterogeneity is not only accepted, but supported and celebrated.

My husband and I love walking up the street and passing the playground, where we see children and families of all different backgrounds, colors, and sizes. We love hearing my two-year-old daughter seamlessly transition between English and Spanish when speaking to a new friend she met at the park. And we love that we can experience the beach, hiking, the farmer’s market, a new food truck park, a baseball game or a museum, all in one day living in the City.

A recent Scientific American article reported that diversity, being around people who are different, makes us more creative, diligent and hardworking. The unique opportunities that San Francisco offers our children every day are shaping the people they are and will become in the future. It’s this diversity, and access to a wide array of experiences, that they’ll carry with them throughout their life, ultimately helping them both personally and professionally.

We’ve been so happy to see our toddler daughter, and now our newborn, thrive in the City, and look forward to raising them in an area where the future is bright and prospects are endless.

Oriana Branon is a 10-year resident of San Francisco, a public relations professional, and a proud mom. She lives in Potrero Hill with her husband Trevor and two daughters, Gabi and Mica.