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Noah’s Ark

One of the most famous stories in the Bible occurs in Genesis, in a passage commonly known as “Noah’s Ark.”  In it, God, enraged over human behavior, decides to wipe out everything, in an extinction-by-flood event.  Somehow, in the midst of the deity’s hairy-eyed examination of all things wicked, Noah gets the Lord’s attention, and… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Elect! The race to succeed Fiona Ma on the state’s troubled tax board got easier for District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, after former assemblyman Rich Gordon dropped out last month.  Gordon was troubled by a damning Department of Finance audit that led Governor Jerry Brown to call for an investigation of the board.  The audit,… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, I read with interest “Large Mixed-Use Project Delayed by Litigation,” in last month’s View, which I found to be unbalanced and another example of advertisements for the “development at any cost” mentality that seems to have taken over San Francisco. Need a new stadium? Oh, it’s okay to build it right across from a… Keep Reading

OP-ED: Pier 70 Will Contribute to the Community

In the more than 20 years I’ve lived and worked in Dogpatch I’ve seen a lot of housing, transportation and demographic changes. Through it alls the neighborhood has had a proud, firm, and correct grip on its historic, industrial and creative character. More change will occur as a result of development at Pier 70.  But… Keep Reading

Residents Advocate for New Dogpatch Center for Arts and Culture

In an effort to increase arts and community-related offerings in Dogpatch, a group of residents are working to create the Dogpatch Center for Arts and Culture, or “D Center.” Last month, the D Center held a tea tasting during the Dogpatch Block Party and offered an all-ages flowers and books workshop at the Potrero Hill… Keep Reading

Armistead Maupin Featured at Queer Film Festival

Frameline 41, the world’s longest-running and largest showcase of queer cinema, opens on June 15 with the West Coast premiere of The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin. Maupin described the charms and eccentricities of San Francisco’s denizens in his internationally acclaimed series Tales of the City.  In this documentary – written and directed by Jennifer… Keep Reading

City Adds Shelter Beds

District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronan is pushing to open a 100-plus bed Navigation Center near the corner of South Van Ness Avenue and Cesar Chavez Street this month. At two public meetings to discuss the facility, Mission District residents expressed concerns that it’d attract more homeless people to the neighborhood, that the community already had… Keep Reading

Board of Regents Approves UCSF Center in Dogpatch

Last month, the University of California Board of Regents Finance and Capital Strategies Committee unanimously approved UC San Francisco’s proposed Child, Teen and Family Center, to be located at 2130 Third Street.  The decision followed an endorsement by the Board of Regents Health Services Committee in April. The Board of Regents approval encompassed certification of… Keep Reading

What’s in a Name: Potrero Hill’s Parks and Schools

Enola D. Maxwell, which used to be the name of a middle school campus, continues as the moniker of the 655 De Haro Street San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) facility. The site most recently was home to a comprehensive high school, International Studies Academy, which closed in 2016 due to low enrollment. SFUSD now… Keep Reading

Six Generations Make Potrero Hill Home

It’s rare for a single family line to reside in the same home for more than century. It’s even more unusual for such continual occupancy to occur in the City and County of San Francisco, which was founded less than 300 years ago. Yet members of the Gallagher-McCarthy-Bray family have resided at 567-569 Mississippi Street… Keep Reading

Pier 70 Shipyard Closes

After 150 years of continuous operation, the shipyard at Pier 70 shut down last month. The closure came less than a year after BAE Systems transferred the repair facility to Puglia Engineering. Roughly 250 workers were laid off. The Port is looking for a new operator. Keep Reading

A Day in Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and Environs – June 2017


At the start of John Cheever’s classic short story “The Swimmer” the main character is lounging in the backyard of a friend’s home in upper-middle-class suburbia, where everyone has a swimming pool.  He thinks wistfully of his own house and family, eight miles away. Suddenly, it occurs to him that “he could reach his home… Keep Reading

Speakeasy to Continue

Speakeasy, a pioneer in the emergence of the Bay Area microbrewery scene, purveyors of Prohibition Ale and Big Daddy IPA, was saved from closing its doors last month when it was purchased by Hunters Point Brewery, a new company owned by Oakland businessman Ces Butner. The 20-year old beer manufacturer, located at 1195 Evans Avenue,… Keep Reading

Ninth Annual Peace March

The ninth annual Peace March, coordinated by the Equal Opportunity Council of Potrero Hill, was held last month. Daniel Webster, Starr King, and Live Oak elementary schools participated in the march, which culminated in class performances, community singing, and chants around peace. All photos: View Photographer Keep Reading

Community Calendar: June 2017

Now through September Photography:  Landscapes Tom Reed’s black and white images give a bow to Zen, a nod to Ansel Adams, and an open heart to the Earth’s intense natural beauty. The exhibit features images from Northern California, as well as from Reed’s award-winning book, The Granite Avatars of Patagonia. Moshi Moshi, 2092 Third Street. Monday through… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Twenty-Two

“You guys both look like shit,” said Stan.  “Up late at the bicycle polo tournament?  Playing four square at House of Air?” “Not exactly,” said Stephanie, holding her double expresso close to her mouth. “The polo tourney was last week,” croaked Jordan, who was half sprawled on the conference table his head resting on an… Keep Reading

Four New Faces Elected to Green Benefits District Board

Voters in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill’s Northwest blocks elected four new members, and re-elected three incumbents, to the Green Benefit District (GBD) board last month. The first of its kind in California, GBD it is modeled on Commercial Benefit Districts, a popular undertaking in San Francisco in which business owners in a commercial corridor agree… Keep Reading

Double-Digit Rate Hike Proposed for Garbage Collection

Last February, Recology, the private company that provides the City with garbage services, applied for a rate increase from the San Francisco Department of Public Works. Recology’s San Francisco operations consist of collectors Recology Golden Gate and Recology Sunset Scavenger, and refuse processer Recology San Francisco. The City has the authority to determine the residential… Keep Reading

Mega-Developments Southside Challenge Public Infrastructure

A long stretch of underutilized land on San Francisco’s southeastern Bayfront is slated for massive mixed-use development in the coming years. With a shortage of affordable housing, and a lust for economic growth, the City earmarked the Southside neighborhoods, including the Bayfront, for increased residential development when it adopted the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan in 2008.… Keep Reading


Editor, In response to “City Budget May Face Cliff,” in the March View, it’s unfortunate that future generations, unable to vote today, will bear the costs of many enacted pension programs, entitlements and boondoggle projects, requiring them to pay higher taxes and work later into their lives to pay for these promises. It’s the inmates… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I know what that term means. But I’ve become increasingly aware that letters to the editor in liberal, East Coast newspapers are predominantly anti-President Donald Trump. To that, I say: sad, horrible, unfair. I also ask two key questions: Are the liberal, East Coast newspapers not receiving letters… Keep Reading

Sound of Silence

“I haven’t spoken to her in twenty-two years, and I don’t intend to start now,” my Mother proclaimed, scrubbing at the already clean counter to emphasize her point. “But Mom, it’s a silent retreat. You won’t be talking to her. In fact, you’ll be encouraged not to,” I said to the back of her head,… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

District 10 in Play Last month, Shamann Walton, a City native and San Francisco Board of Education president, announced his candidacy for District 10 Supervisor in the November 2018 election. “I’ve spent my entire career fighting to improve our southeastern neighborhoods, and I’m running for District 10 Supervisor to make sure City Hall addresses the… Keep Reading

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