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Short Cuts

Looped Last month, the California Supreme Court removed the last legal barrier to a long-planned Muni streetcar ring in Dogpatch, rejecting an appeal by the Committee for Re-Evaluation of the T-Line Loop, which wanted the tracks redirected.  The loop will run along 18th, 19th, and Illinois streets, and provide a link to the Central Subway,… Keep Reading

Op-Ed: Pier 70 Project Merits Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

Last month’s The Potrero View’s coverage of Forest City’s Pier 70 “Mega Project” extolled the many benefits of the 28-acre development, with little consideration of its negative impacts. Contrary to what was reported, the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) identified nine “significant and unavoidable” impacts. A massive increase in Dogpatch’s population, along with large numbers… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, Thank you, The Potrero View, for publishing a mix of viewpoints on the Pier 70 redevelopment project. Potrero Hill residents deserve to know the degree to which their views will be obstructed, as well as the demands Pier 70 will place on already overtaxed infrastructure. The articles create an opportunity to have a more… Keep Reading

Will Irish Hill Be Hidden?

Scale model showing Irish Hill surrounded by 6 apartment buildings 60 feet or higher proposed in plans for Pier 70. We hope Forest City can draft alternative plans which won’t hide Irish Hill. PHOTO: Courtesy of Peter Linenthal

Development plans for Pier 70 call for five apartment buildings, six stories or taller, to surround the last piece of historic Irish Hill, a rocky outcrop backed by tall eucalyptus trees, easily seen from Illinois Street between 20th and 22nd streets. If those designs are realized, Irish Hill would be only partially seen through openings between the structures from Illinois, 21st – a proposed street –… Keep Reading

Local Nonprofits Hustle in New Political Climate

Following the November election and inauguration of President Donald Trump, national nonprofit organizations, like the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club and Anti-Defamation League, reportedly experienced a dramatic boost in donations in response to potential threats to civil rights, healthcare access and the environment from the new Administration. According to BBC News, the… Keep Reading

Cohen’s Shift to Budget Committee Seen as Positioning for Higher Office

In January 2019, District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen will be termed out of office. She was first elected in 2010 to represent a large swath of San Francisco’s Southside neighborhoods, including Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Bayview-Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley. This year has brought a shift in focus to the Board of Supervisors, with a new… Keep Reading

Crime Up Southside

Potrero Hill residents who believe they’ve detected an increase in crime in the neighborhood appear to be right.  According to information provided by the San Francisco Police Department’s Bayview District, which includes the Hill, vehicle theft jumped from 6,126 offenses in 2014 to 6,915 in 2015.  There were 19,827 cases of objects getting stolen from… Keep Reading

Potrero Hill Democratic Club Members Boycott Trump-Branded Products

The Potrero Hill Democratic Club (PHDC), a chapter of the San Francisco Democratic Party, is informally encouraging a boycott of San Francisco Bay Area stores that carry Trump-branded products.  According to Robert Boileau, PHDC’s first vice president, club members are concerned that Donald J. Trump and members of his family are profiting from the presidency.… Keep Reading

Lyft Creating Traffic Problems on Kansas Street

When Lyft decided to open a place where its drivers could interact in person with company employees it seemed like a good idea. Drivers could get advice, questions answered and problems resolved by talking to someone face-to-face rather than resorting to email support. For the many out of town drivers, a physical location would also… Keep Reading

Almanac Has Beers for All Seasons

Almanac Beer is a San Francisco company whose brews can be found in 20 states. Launched in 2011 by Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan, the “gypsy” brewery – one that relies on other breweries’ equipment – started in Dogpatch, where its administrative offices are still found. Friedman and Fagan began as homebrewers. For years in… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: April 2017

Now through 7/2 Art: Lettering and Calligraphy This exhibition uses examples from more than four centuries of typographical practice to examine lettering from many perspectives; as fine art, design, and inspired invention. Included with museum admission. Legion of Honor Museum, Lincoln Park, 100 34th Avenue. More information: April 1 – Music: Diego Davidenko Los… Keep Reading

Sanctioned Encampments Successfully Operating in Florida, Washington

Popular opinion has it that homeless encampments should be removed from San Francisco’s streets, though often such action results in the scattering of a single camp into many smaller ones. “Nobody is getting better by sleeping in tents at night,” said District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell, the progenitor of last year’s Measure Q, which sought… Keep Reading

Education Scholarships Available to Potrero Hill Residents

In the 2003 movie, Calendar Girls, starring Helen Mirren, a group of well-aged women turned themselves into “pin-up girls.”  When Potrero Hill Neighborhood House staffer, Jean Crosby, discovered that Senior Lunch program participant Lorys Crisafulli had experience creating similar calendars, she suggested a reprise of the effort.  With her 90th birthday looming, Crisafulli agreed to… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

My husband and I grew up in suburbs, with tree-lined streets, quiet neighborhoods and very, very homogenous populations. Becoming parents has prompted us to engage in ongoing reflection over the type of upbringing we want to give our daughters.  As a biracial family in today’s tumultuous political climate, with a President who built a platform… Keep Reading

Goat Hill

The Potrero Hill Archives Project’s Abby Johnston and Peter Linenthal

“Goat Hill” is a nickname for Potrero Hill that dates to the neighborhood’s early 20th century semi-rural days, when cows, chickens and goats grazed streets and backyards. Goat footprints in cement circa 1920 can be found in front of Goat Hill Pizza.  Goat Hilda lived in the building’s backyard from 1975 to 1985.   The… Keep Reading

Dr. Rapp Retires from Potrero Hill Health Center

Last month, Dr. Jonathan Rapp retired from the Potrero Hill Health Center, after 25 years as a primary care physician. Dr. Rapp tended to many Hill residents, caring for three generations of the same family. He’ll continue teaching physicians in training at the Family Health Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, as a clinical… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Twenty

“So,” said Nash.  “Now what?” They’d gone to Nash and Justin’s flat to outfit themselves for the dig, everyone except Stephanie bolstering their resolve by sucking on a bong shaped like a lizard.  Justin had rifled through his collection of Burning Man cum camping gear, assigning costumes and equipment.  He was wearing a full length… Keep Reading

Youth Clinic Seeks Safe Harbor at Homeless Prenatal Program

Facing a $400,000-plus budget deficit, the New Generation Health Center, located at 625 Potrero Avenue, had been slated to close last summer. The Center, founded and operated by the University of California, San Francisco more than 20 years ago, provides reproductive health services to mainly low-income young adults in a confidential environment.  It’s significantly reliant… Keep Reading

City Budget May Face Cliff

What’s larger than the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Belize, Aruba and Jamaica combined, but not as much fun to frequent on a sunny day? The answer is the City and County of San Francisco’s budget, which is larger than the combined budgets of those six nations. It’s also bigger than 13 states and, at $11,100 per… Keep Reading

UCSF Proceeds with Child, Teen and Family Center

Public comments on a draft environmental impact report for the University of California San Francisco’s proposed Child, Teen and Family Center, at 2130 Third Street, have included strong opposition to the facility’s design and location. The project, currently in the design phase, is slated to go before the University of California Regents this May for… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Next Neighbor Former Potrero Hill resident, Edward Lortz, who recently left the Hill after 30 years, is advocating that long-time community members be allowed to remain on social media site Nextdoor even if they live elsewhere. “I have historical knowledge and opinions about Potrero Hill…,” said Lortz.  “At least 100 people here know I’ve gone,… Keep Reading

Pier 70 Heights More Than Reasonable

An opinion piece in last month’s The Potrero View (“Pier 70 Building Heights Would Block Bay”) and flyer distributed in the neighborhood that claimed that new buildings developed by Forest City at Pier 70 would create a “wall slightly below the middle of the smokestack” and block waterfront views prompted phone calls and emails from… Keep Reading

Homeless: Live With It

San Franciscans tend to approach social problems with a mix of expansive generosity, quasi-selfishness, and hubris.  We’ve lavished billions of public dollars on Laguna Honda Hospital and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, facilities dedicated to serving the most vulnerable among us.  We loudly proclaim our desire to maintain housing for a mix of incomes, but… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor – March 2017

Editor, In regards to “Car Sharing Likely to Expand this Year” (February), I’d like to see reporting on how much business The Good Life and All States have lost in the past three years. What is the decrease in the number of customers in their doors between 2013 and today? What is the percent decrease… Keep Reading

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