Letters to the Editor

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I am a registered Democrat, but that does not change my absolute disgust for your front page story in the November issue (“Clinton Wins!”).  I find the headline to be wholly misleading.  Yes, if you take the time to read the article you’ll understand that it’s a prediction.  But in my mind you have completely discredited your paper. It is pure speculation, which is not be confused with news, and I find it ridiculous.

This is absolutely appalling.

Susy Siddens
Rhode Island Street


Would you happen to know why a cover such as November’s was chosen for The Potrero View a while back?   Was is overconfidence?  Wishful thinking?  I was bothered by this weeks ago, but seeing it today is just like another punch in the face. I believe this cover choice was really irresponsible.  Most of San Francisco is still in tears over the election results. My two cents.

Leslie Brown


I’m a San Franciscan working in Potrero Hill, an avid Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter.  I came across your paper in three separate locations yesterday while walking through the neighborhood.  Your headline in the most recent addition, “Clinton Wins!,” is deeply disturbing and upsetting to me.  How is this headline serving the community in a positive way and encouraging voters to actually vote on November 8? Why proclaim a ‘ landslide victory’ ahead of election day, especially during such a deeply contentious and uncertain race? 

Tim Balon


You sure stuck your foot in the political muck.  Announcing Hilary as president sure backfired on you.

Nine La Dow
Connecticut Street


My devotion to the Blue Party goes way back to helping with the 1972 George McGovern campaign. My disdain for the Red Party has only increased as it gets crazier and crazier every year. So of course Hillary gets my vote this year, and perhaps 90 percent of the Hill does the same, if previous voting is any indicator.

But, what were you thinking with the November The Potrero View’s premature announcement of her victory?  While it may be overly clever by half, and may – hopefully – end up true, I find it an irresponsible gesture that can only invoke disgust turned into red meat by the opposition. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t end up on Fox News in the next couple of days.

It’s confrontational, in your face, maybe even too partisan, though I can’t prove that. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was too partisan, her replacement Donna Braziel was too partisan, many of our officials’ aides/advisors are too partisan. By that I mean they are too often making political decisions rather than the right moral decision.

Tom Strahan
18th Street


Did you get all of that egg off your face yet?

Paul Kozakiewicz
Publisher, Richmond Review

Unfortunately, the View’s November headline turned out to be inaccurate, to the surprise of many, perhaps even President-elect Donald Trump himself, as evidenced by his scramble to pull together a credible transition team.  The View’s caption was prompted by a deep-felt belief that it was inconceivable that an individual who voiced such hurtful and harmful language – towards women, immigrants, Muslims, and others – as well as an astonishing disrespect for the truth could garner sufficient votes to be elected.  We also suffered from hubris, influenced by the “bubble” in which we live.  Nine out of ten San Francisco voters preferred former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president, as did more than six out of ten California voters; she garnered more than two million votes nationally than the President-Elect.  While it wasn’t astute for the View to prematurely, and erroneously, predict Secretary Clinton the winner, by doing so we did not impact the election’s outcome. Notably, the View produced a similar headline for Barack Obama in October of 2008, which turned out quite well.


In “Trans Bay Cable Pumps Pittsburg Power into San Francisco” (November) it states that “The Trans Bay line is maintained and operated by Pittsburg Power, which is run by the City of Pittsburg.  Trans Bay Cable pays Pittsburg for the service.”  This is incorrect.  Trans Bay Cable is an independent company, operated by TBC.  It is wholly owned by SteelRiver Infrastructure Partners.  TBC provides roughly 40 percent of the electricity to the San Francisco area.

Michael Cyrus
Chief Executive Officer,
Trans Bay Cable