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I’m writing as an old Potrero Hill resident to advise View readers of a serendipitous event.  A month ago, my car was burglarized, right in my own driveway.  Anything of value was stolen, including the prescription sunglasses I need for driving.  A week or so later, I received a phone call from a local contractor, who advised me that my glasses in their case had been slipped through the mail slot of my now vacated office on the corner of Missouri and 20th streets.  Inside the case was a business card I’d stuck there a year or two earlier. 

I have no idea how my glasses made it to the mail slot; it seemed unlikely that the thieves would have troubled themselves.  The most plausible scenario is that these misbegotten sots threw the glasses away once they discovered they were of no use; they later were found by someone who did indeed take the trouble of returning them to my old address.

I don’t know the identity of the Good Samaritan who returned these glasses to me, saving me the expense of nearly $500 to replace them.  However, I want to offer my thanks anyway, as not only have my glasses been restored, but so too has some of my lost faith in humanity.

Jonathan E. French
Arkansas Street