Floral Design Studio Blooms on Hill

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Kiana Underwood’s five-Yelp-star floral design studio, Tulipina, is located on Vermont Street. Tulipina creates floral arrangements for “bespoke weddings,” in which everything is custom-made.  “I do lots of weddings and events as well as workshops,” Underwood said. “What I do is pretty unique. I love every minute of it.”

The studio, which doubles as a storefront, opened at the beginning of this year. Underwood located the business in Potrero Hill because she loves the neighborhood and its easy access to transportation; other parts of San Francisco are harder to get to and from. Underwood also likes the Hill’s proximity to the San Francisco Flower Mart.

Tulipina was previously located in Burlingame, where Underwood resides. Underwood started by making flower arrangements for family and friends, launching Tulipina “about five years ago.”

At her Hill space Underwood works on her creations and hosts floral design workshops.  Clients, typically brides-to-be wanting floral arrangements for their upcoming wedding, visit by appointment.

“The neighborhood is pretty lovely,” said Underwood. “Everyone is really nice. They come by and talk to me if I’m here.” Underwood is in the studio four to five days a week, when she isn’t traveling  to host workshops, which are open to the public.

Underwood likes to walk her dog, Charlie, around the neighborhood when she’s not working, or take him to McKinley Square.