BerryClean Offers Fresh Alternative to House Cleaning

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Kristina Geier opened BerryClean in Potrero Hill last fall.  She was raised by parents whose professional lives revolved around the travel and hospitality industries; her first job was with Hilton San Francisco.  “Cleaning is not a sexy industry,” Geier said. “People don’t want to have to deal with cleaning, they want a clean house. We make sure you can trust the people coming into your home.”  Geier fosters that trust through quality customer service, a guiding principle that’s BerryClean’s mission and Geier’s passion, which she hopes will lead to long-term client relationships.

Geier relies on GoodHire, located in the Financial District, to help evaluate her hires. BerryClean  utilizes plant-based cleaning products, supplied by Method Products, Inc., also headquartered in the Financial District. Online booking is provided through Seattle-based Full Slate; payment is accepted through Stripe, located in the Mission.

Bookings have been flowing in from throughout the City, with the majority of business coming from the Hill and Mission Bay.  Young families and technology workers seem especially drawn to BerryClean’s eco-conscious philosophy, as well as the company’s utilization of technology to streamline communication.

Geier has lived in several San Francisco neighborhoods over the past decade.  She decided to open her business in the Hill because of its diverse, friendly, community, where passers-by might stop in to say hello and learn more about the company. She found the perfect spot on 20th Street, across from the Potrero Branch library and next to Thinkers Cafe.

“Potrero Hill has a really strong community,” Geier said. “People come here and plan to stay here for a long time. People also really care about the community. I’ve had a lot of help and support from the community in starting up. That’s so necessary when starting a business like this. I definitely appreciate the support of the community so far.”