Letter from the Guest Editor

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We begin the New Year with the indisputable knowledge that global climate change is a scientific fact. Debates rage about when, why and how our climate future will unfold, but the reality that the oceans are warming, the ice caps are melting, natural disasters are raging, and air quality is dissolving into a mist of toxic radioactivity, is undeniable. Potrero Hill sits in the midst of all of this: right along a vulnerable coast, on a fault line, in drought.

We at the View felt it was time to dedicate most of an issue to the environment. It’s important to be aware of how the landscape has (and continues to) change. Therefore, this edition features stories that investigate the predictions for coastal inundation, the health hazards of proposed artificial turf fields, and the threats to our water supplies, among other critical challenges.

Alongside these not so rosy stories there are articles about people in the community who are contributing to creating a better future. Right alongside mega-development and capitalist hyper-efficiency, we see individuals seeking connection with the land through urban gardening and beekeeping, as well as efforts to make greening our district a priority. We see the San Francisco Dump working with contemporary artists to configure ways to salvage discarded materials and turn them into art, and a local filmmaker focusing his lens on Islais Creek.

It’s up to each and every one of us to take the challenges facing us seriously enough to make change that is meaningful. Talking with Hill residents, and seeing the myriad examples of people taking the time to make their relationship with their environment a priority, fills me with hope for the change we can achieve when we work together.