Letters to the Editor

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I hated the headline “Good Life Grocery Facing Thousands of Dollars in Recycling Fines,” in last month’s View. That headline is so inflammatory, and gives the impression that The Good Life is a bad grocery store. The Good Life is one of our neighborhood gems; a great local store run by great people who support the community at every event.

If you don’t read the article, and many people only read headlines, you’re left thinking they must be doing something bad to have to pay thousands in fines. Yet when you read the article, you see the dilemma they’re in. Why haven’t Whole Foods and Safeway implemented recycling centers? They’re the ones with the space to do so. They chose to pay the fines, but weren’t called out in the headline. Perhaps the View should have called it “Local Grocery Stores in a Pickle with Recycling “Convenience Zone” Laws.”

Michele Hangee-Bauer

San Francisco Natural Medicine


Thank you for such a nice article on my retirement from the University of California, San Francisco in last month’s View.  I was apprehensive about being interviewed, but reporter Annika Darling put me at ease, using a balanced blend of professionalism and humor. 

I have a special relationship with Potrero Hill that’s transcended UCSF-related outreach.  When I first moved to San Francisco, and Bernal Heights, I enjoyed yummy sandwiches and good company at Klein’s Deli.  Impressed by the anti-war and sanctuary activism of Father Peter and Sisters Kathleen and Lucia, I went to St. Teresa’s Church for several years; after my daughter’s, Adela, First Communion, we celebrated at Goat Hill Pizza.  Adela attended Buena Vista Elementary School in the southwest corner of Potrero, and Live Oak for middle school; Chat’s and JB’s Place patiently welcomed her and her buddies.

I’ve been so inspired by Potrero community stalwarts, such as Philip De Andrade, Keith Goldstein, Dick Millet, Kayren and Lester, Peter and Abby, to name a few.  I hold Enola Maxwell and Ruth Passen in highest esteem; let’s add those two to St. Gregory’s “Dancing Saints”!

But—as I keep telling folks—I’m not leaving town.  I look forward to bumping into you while I’m shopping locals first on the Hill.

Barbara Bagot-López

Bernal Heights