Letters to the Editor: February 2023

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I am writing to express kudos and accolades for “California,” published in the December View.  Overall, I say well played!

Moving to San Francisco was like being jumped by a gang. A violent gang, for the duration of almost 10 years, and I’m from the downtown heart of New York City. I stayed here at points almost out of spite or just a fanaticism to see things through to the good part.  Basically, this City is the future site of Starfleet headquarters. That exact thought is how desperate I wanted to see San Francisco come through a culturally ugly phase.

Finally, I catch a strangers’ eyes and there are smiles or a “good morning” again. Being happy and communicating to people around you isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be treated like a kook or junkie and snobbed.  I feel a cultural pulse poised for positive change. The View’s creative, yet not verbose, empathetic yet open-ended perspective piece was a very honest, heartfelt, and well-crafted nudge in the right direction.

Down south I would say “feed the haters to the gators” or maybe “love the Bay or else don’t stay.”

De Haro and Southern Heights