Letters to the Editor

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Apropos of “Proposed Bike Lane on 17th Street Hits Speed Bumps” in the October issue, I am a bike person in the neighborhood and on Twitter. I’ve lived on our hill for 21 years. I’ve biked for the past eight years, and it has changed my life. I am healthier and more connected to this City than ever. This is good for me, good for San Francisco, and good for the planet.

Dear drivers, do you drive *only* in your neighborhood? You depend on pavement throughout this City and far beyond. If the streets keep going for you, why should they not keep going for people on bikes? People should not have to be “brave” to bike. Bike lanes make it easier for more people to ride. When you see a person on a bike, that is a fellow human who deserves to get where they are going without fear of injury or death. Every person on a bike is a person not in a car. That means less traffic for you. If you hate traffic and worrying about people on bikes, you should want protected bike lanes everywhere.

Dear Bottom of the Hill, please look at your clientele. Look at the bike racks out front. They are typically full during your shows. Why would you begrudge a mode of transportation that makes it easier for more people to reach your establishment and not take up parking that you/your employees need? Oh, and how do you feel about drinking and driving? Bottom of the Hill does serve alcohol. Do you monitor the intake of your patrons who are all driving and needing parking?

Expand your mind. Think different. Ride a bike.

Stacey Randecker
Mississippi Street