Letters to the Editor, September 2022

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As a former, 16 year, De Haro Street resident, I like to keep up on Potrero Hill news and enjoyed reading your story about the City discouraging the use of natural gas (“San Francisco Wants to Make Cooking with Gas a Thing of the Past,” August). When moving to Montana, I designed a highly energy-efficient house with solar panels making both electricity and hot water. My electricity bill is $4.20 per month, year-round; just the connection charge to the power company. I’ve cooked exclusively on gas for many years, but building the house required very tight construction, necessitating the purchase of an electric range. (We have an air-to-air heat exchanger). 

Your article suggests that cooking on an electric range is slower than on gas. I purchased an electro-magnetic range, which heats as fast, if not faster, than gas. It also uses less power than a standard electric range. I highly recommend it for folks contemplating a switch.

Sidney Mehlschmidt
Hamilton, Montana