Letter to the Editor

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I was saddened to read in the November View of the passing of my dear friend and real estate agent extraordinaire, Linda Clark.  

I chose Linda to sell/buy two properties on Potrero Hill.  At the time the Hill wasn’t a choice place to live.  There were two huge water tanks on the Southside, that’ve since been taken down.  When the wind blew from the south the aroma from nearby “Butchertown” had you quickly closing all the windows and doors.  There was only one bus line, Number 53, that slowly creaked up the steep slopes.

No new homes were being built because the Hill was redlined. Loans were difficult or impossible to get.  Nevertheless, my husband and I invested in rental property.  When it was time for us to sell, we chose Linda as our agent.  

I will always remember Linda’s confident expertise.  Each evening she’d come to our home to discuss the transactions of the day.  As a thank you for giving her the listings Linda invited us to her home, where we devoured three of the largest pizzas I’ve ever seen, of course with glasses of wine.

Anne Loskutoff
Connecticut Street