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I live at 19th and Mississippi streets.  Ganim’s is at 18th and Mississippi. Don’t let Damon Guthrie write any other comic strips without proofreading them. In the December issue strip he stated twice that it’s on Mission Street. That’s not a typo, it’s just a dumb mistake.

Josephine Firth
19th Street


Thank you for the December article, “City Eyes Corovan Site for Flower Mart”.  The proposed project would be a win-win for the neighborhood and the Flower Mart. 

Under the current site plan only 42 affordable units out of a total of 395 units would be built; a bit more than 10 percent of the homes would be below market rate, with the vast majority luxury housing. This is a significantly lower percentage of affordable units than what’s required for other residential developments in the pipeline. In any case, it’s pointless to focus on what was originally proposed as the owner of the Corovan site is clearly eager to sell to Kilroy. 

As the original Flower Mart site at Sixth and Brannan streets is redeveloped without the Mart, we can count on hundreds of additional affordable units South of Market. Along with retail and cafe uses, locating the Flower Mart at the foot of Potrero Hill would preserve hundreds of jobs that don’t require advanced degrees, and contribute to a revitalized dynamic new neighborhood that includes 100 Hooper, 1 De Haro and the growing California College of the Arts campus. 

Alison Heath
Mississippi Street

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