Letters to the Editor

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I just pulled up the View on the web as I was recounting my involvement in founding it in 1970 and there was an obituary for Ruth Passen.  What a beautiful picture…does it bring back some fine memories!

I recruited Ruth to do a culture page for the View in early-1971. E. Cahill Maloney was doing our editing and page design.  Working with Ruth was such a joy, and we became friends.

After I got fired from a printing job a few years later, I was at Ruth and Joe’s, and they said “Bravo!  you must have done something right!”

Ruth took the View’s reigns in April of 1972 when I simply walked out the door…a case of severe burn-out after almost two years of the monthly effort to have the View on the street on the first of every month.  That she ran with it, grew it, and brought so many new faces into it demonstrates more than anything what a wonderful person she was.

Lenny Anderson
Portland, Oregon