Letters to the Editor

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Your “Short Cuts” on the April Boosters Zoom meeting, in which Flower Market representatives presented plans for relocating to Potrero Hill, was inaccurate and misleading. It certainly didn’t portray the same meeting I and many of my neighbors participated in.  Contrary to your description, participants expressed overwhelming support for moving the Flower Market to 901 16th/1200 17th Streets. Regrettably, your characterization of the event merely regurgitated the tired, misinformed, and biased claims of a small minority.

Your article overlooked the long-running campaign passionately supported by a majority of neighbors advocating for a better plan for this gateway location; a campaign to preserve and honor the long industrial history of the site and energize it with new light industry. Thankfully, the Flower Market relocation will fulfill that vision, powered in large part by widespread grassroots community advocacy and backing. 

As of this writing, nearly 1,200 neighbors in Potrero Hill and across the City have signed an online petition supporting the Flower Market move to our community.  Most especially in this difficult and uncertain time, we should celebrate and welcome the Flower Market as a hugely positive and much needed addition in our neighborhood.

Rod Minott

Mariposa Street

This is one of two letters the View received that express similar opinions about the paper’s coverage of discussions related to the proposed relocation of the San Francisco Flower Mart at the April Potrero Boosters meeting. The View acknowledges that Short Cuts aren’t a good vehicle for comprehensive treatment of an issue or meeting. However, we stand by our concise reporting of what occurred on the Zoom call, including identification of multiple concerns about the project expressed by attendees, some conveyed through written “chats.” – Editor.