Letters to the Editor

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Please don’t make predictions.

I picked up my copy of The Potrero View on Friday, November 6th, whereupon I was greeted by a clearly false first paragraph of a cover story, “You’re Fired!”  The Democratic Party did not sweep the election. At the time I read the article, the presidential election was still too close to call. But it was already clear the Senate also did not tilt blue.

I thought the View would’ve learned from the “Clinton Wins” embarrassment in November 2016. If you want to make predictions about November, make them in October. If you make them in November, then people who read the newspaper after the event happens may either be misled, if they’re not aware of current events, or simply disappointed with the reporting and wondering what else in the newspaper is a prediction that may be erroneously taken for fact.

I truly enjoyed the rest of that cover story, about cultural shifts. It didn’t need that first paragraph-and-half introduction.

Mark Pearson

Kansas Street