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Contrary to “No Pesticides Used in Potrero Parks, According to Environment Department,” February, Aquamaster – Glyphosate – was used in Franklin Square on May 3, 2014. Other than that, your information is correct, Potrero Hill was spared.

Tom Borden



I’m horrified with the cover story of your April Fools’ issue, poking fun at domestic abuse (“Mayor Resigns, Appoints Mirkarimi’s Wife”). I love a good April Fools’ joke, and a joke the other 364 days of the year, but to make light of the horror faced by millions of women – and men – in this country every year is simply disgusting. 

Regardless of what transpired between Mirkarimi and his wife, to suggest that a woman could hold the mayoral office because she’s experienced physical abuse is deplorable. And not at all funny.  And misogynist to boot.

I really cannot wrap my head around how in 2016, and in San Francisco of all places, an editorial staff could stand behind such low thinking.  On a typical day in America, 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic abuse hotlines.  One in three women will be victims of violence from a domestic partner in their lifetimes.  What kind of people are you to think that this was printable?  Have you no mothers, sisters, wives or daughters?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You owe this neighborhood, this City, abuse victims, and Ms. Lopez a printed apology.

Mary Randolph Norton

Long-time Potrero Hill Resident


I love humor, including sarcasm, but your article about Ed Lee’s ‘replacement’ was neither. It was totally insensitive to the huge problem that exists today with domestic violence.  Taking a beating is no joke even in an April Fools’ article. Give a little thought to how the many victims would feel reading your ‘story’.

Gerry Brinton


Hahaha! Great edition in April. I didn’t realize it was an April Fools’ joke until I started reading the front page articles a bit further. You should have heard me ranting about the Ed Lee headline to my husband. He’d already read it, realized the joke, and decided to let me go on for a few minutes.

Thanks for making my day!

Katie Shumays

“Gullible” on Kansas Street


Your April Fools’ front page was priceless.  Thank you!  I’m sure you’ll get some complaints from the too-politically-correct-to-have-a-sense-of-humor wing.  Wanted to let you know that some of us thought it was great!

Barbara Heroux

Rhode Island Street Resident Since 1983


It was a delightful, and hilarious, surprise to read of my appointment to replace Mayor Ed Lee in the April Fools’ edition of The Potrero View.  What a scoop! And to think that it all happened without any ruse, like a “Run Eliana Run” committee headed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, who strongly support my commitment to truth and transparency in San Francisco government.

One of my first promises to the people of our great City will be to serve out the remainder of Mayor Lee’s term and allow the voters – not Willie Brown and Ron Conway – choose the next mayor. I will not be a candidate, as my one-woman play, What’s the Scandal, is now being made into a movie after a successful run on Broadway. However during the year that I’ll serve as acting mayor, I’ll:

• Offer an immediate pardon to all those who, for political reasons, refused to believe that my husband and I experienced an old-fashioned marital argument, not domestic violence. over a visit to Venezuela with my son, and thus forced our family to be separated for six months because they knew what was best for this newly arrived immigrant mother and were afraid the facts would only confuse formulaic policy.

• Extend immunity to all who were forced to prosecute the former sheriff so that we can determine exactly what former Mayor Lee’s political motives were in prosecuting my husband.  In this way, we might finally learn why the mayor’s personal security officers announced an evacuation of only the mayor from the witness stand after a reported “bomb threat” just when he was mumbling and fumbling under attorney Sheppard Kopp’s withering cross-examination during the Ross Mirkarimi Ethics Commission hearing.  Yet, the rest of the packed hearing room and all of City Hall were never alerted and allowed to remain in place.

• Make immediate changes in the Police Department that’ll end the “firing squad” approach to community policing supported by the Police Officers Association president.

• End the practice of more lobbyist- and developer-subsidized overseas mayoral visits to China, Brazil, China, Paris, China, Ireland, China, London, China, South Korea, China, India, China, Israel, China, the Philippines, and China in order to allow the mayor to visit San Francisco neighborhoods, where citizens are overwhelmed with issues ignored by Mayor Lee.

• Require that public costs associated with major events like the America’s Cup, Central Subway, and Super Bowl be accurately published before the event, with a specific plan on how to pay for them.

• Immediately end all restrictions on the Board of Supervisors’ right to ask only written, previously screened questions of the mayor during “Question Time” each a month.

• Commit to communicating all policies through neighborhood newspapers like The Potrero View, where San Franciscans can always depend on being told the truth, except for an innocent typo or two.

• Require all techies to ride only Muni to Ron Conway’s house, where they’ll be eligible to board Google and Bauer Buses driven by Teamster drivers.

• Instruct Ron Conway that he must forsake his often-repeated promise to drive Aaron Peskin out of politics, because it’s not fair to Julie Christensen.

• Remove Ed Lee’s ban on the Sheriff’s office interacting with the Mayor’s office, so that newly elected Sheriff Vickie Hennessey can help San Francisco continue the high performance level that led to the prestigious 2014 Harvard Innovation in Government and the awarding of the $100,000 to the office so admirably led by former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.               

It’s my humble view that this agenda, together with the newly energized Board of Supervisors, will put an end to all “beatings” endured for too long by me and the people of San Francisco from the now retired mayor and his henchmen.

Eliana Lopez

Mayor Designate, San Francisco