Letters to the Editor

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Brilliant April Fools’ issue!  Thanks for keeping it creative.

Kate Hilsenbeck

Denver, Colorado


I was really happy to see Claire Botsy’s piece, “Anti-Abortion “Clinics” Continue to Operate in San Francisco,” in last month’s issue. I’ve observed with dismay an anti-choice billboard on Valencia Street, sponsored by “Pro Life Across America”, which uses the same falsehoods to discourage women from seeking an abortion as First Resort. These lies are promulgated every year at the San Francisco Archdiocese-sponsored “Walk for Life”, which is – unhappily – the largest anti-choice march on the West Coast. It’s so important that local media, like The Potrero View, play a part in fighting the misinformation and manipulation that the fake clinics, the billboards and the triumphalist – there’s no other word for it…it is nasty – march spreads. Women deserve accessible, responsive, science-based healthcare. We don’t deserve to live in a climate of slut-shaming and fear. Thank you!

Elizabeth Creely

Mission District


As identified in “Fertility Doll a Talisman for Pregnancies,” in the May issue, it’s a well-known figure that’s available in most Arizona tourist shops. I’m glad to hear he works!

Cherry Elliott

Carolina Street