Obituary: Marie Aliena Goldman

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Marie Aliena Goldman
March 29, 2011 – July 22, 2017

Marie Aliena Goldman passed away on July 22, 2017, unable to overcome the injuries she sustained in an accident in Sonoma, California. She was six years old.

Marie was a daughter, sister, granddaughter, caring friend, artist, lover of food, fashionista, generous soul, flamenco dancer, Italian speaker, engaged and enthusiastic student. While she tolerated princesses, Marie preferred cartwheels, dance parties, and tickle fights. She balanced compassion and sarcasm beautifully.

The daughter of the late William Sachs Goldman and Serra Falk Goldman, Marie loved living in San Francisco and exploring the world with her older brother, George. A San Francisco Giants fan, she attended her first game, Opening Day, at ten days old. Together, George and Marie conquered the hills of Potrero Hill, blew glass in Venice, explored the MOMA, and climbed a volcano in Nicaragua. Marie also loved a good protest, whether of her parents or for equality on the streets of her home city. She constantly pushed herself to learn or try something new. In so doing, she encouraged those around her to challenge themselves. She had the drive, infectious enthusiasm and ambition to change the world.

Having arrived before her due date, Marie joined her mother in the courtroom at two weeks old. She won her first case, but she dreamed of being an artist or doctor, or possibly both. Her passion for learning about and creating art filled her family’s home. While she loved Keith Haring, she drew inspiration from Jackson Pollock for her own work. She thought that by being both an artist and a doctor she could make people think and save them, too.

In her room, she hung a poster that reads “Life is an Adventure,” and it was for her. She was fearless. She confronted daily challenges in a way that far belied her age, leaving a lasting impression on her peers, and on the adults in her life. As her brother says, “She lived a wonderful life. Just too short.”

Marie is survived by her mother, Serra Falk Goldman and her brother, George Richard Goldman. She is also survived by her grandmother, Susan Sachs Goldman, and nonni, Harry Wilson Falk III and Mary Serra Falk; many aunts and uncles and cousins. And she’s survived by her fellow flamenco dancers, her soccer team, her beloved school community and her friends.