Letters to the Editor

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Apropos of “View Hopes to Make it to 50, and Beyond,” in the March issue, 48 years ago two women, Babette Drefky and Emma Fleming, were instrumental in writing articles for the neighborhood paper, Hills and Dales.  They asked me to join them.  We made sure the articles fit on one side of one sheet of paper; the other side was left for names and addresses.  I’d take the finished sheet of paper to the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House to be mimeographed on a hand-cranked machine.  Then, back to Fleming’s Kansas Street home to fold, paste on labels dipped slightly in water, and sort. I drove to the Second and Mission Street U.S. Post Office to mail the bundles because it was less expensive to use bulk mailing.

In a personal note, my gratitude to the editor and staff of The Potrero View, an award-winning paper! Enclosed is my donation of $100.

Anne Loskutoff
Connecticut Street