Letters to the Editor

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I’m a long-time volunteer at Martin de Porres.  Although I was pleased to see an article about us in your August paper, by Christopher Lefond, there were some unfortunate errors in the story.

Specifically, we serve lunch Tuesday through Saturday, not two days per week, as Lefond wrote. We also serve a brunch on Sunday; Martins serves at least one meal each day of the week. In addition, the showers that we offer on Tuesdays and Thursdays are well organized. I wouldn’t describe them as limited access. We provide towels, soap, shavers, and so forth. Finally, the people who eat at the kitchen are our guests; they’re not visitors.  They live in San Francisco; many were born here. I wouldn’t describe them as visitors in any sense.

It’s really important, particularly in a story of this nature, to get the facts correct in case people who read it may want to either work or eat at the kitchen.

Suzanne Korey


Thank you for your terrific article, “View Celebrates 45 Years of Community News,” in last month’s paper. It’s interesting that writer Lester Zeidman talks of “smells” on the Hill over the years.  I’m reminded of how old I am when he tells of using St. Teresa’s mimeograph machine to produce early one-page editions; takes me back to my grammar school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the smell of mimeographed religion quizzes!

When I was editor of the Bernal Journal years ago, The Potrero View was my touchstone and longtime editor Ruth Passen my idol.   I so appreciate knowing the View’s early history.

Barbara Bagot-López

Bernal Heights


Many in our community are rightly concerned about affordability of rentals and homes in San Francisco, and have put at least part of the blame on Airbnb short-term rentals.  Many may believe that Proposition F, on the November ballot, is one way to restore affordability. 

I’m a host on Airbnb on Potrero Hill.  I’m an empty nester and rent rooms in my home.  The added income has allowed me to serve Children’s Council of San Francisco, a local nonprofit focused on providing quality childcare options for low-income parents, and to advise startups led by women.

I encourage you to Vote No on Proposition F!  It’s flawed and too extreme.  Proposition F would make hosting, and the needed income, impossible for most.  It would reduce “hosted” rentals, where we’re in our home with our guests.  This measure would encourage any neighbor to sue any neighbor.  And it’d be costly, reducing tax and other income for our City.

We have a short-term rental ordinance that was passed last year.  I’m a registered host, am happy to pay the required taxes, and limit “un-hosted” rentals. Proposition F isn’t an improvement!

Fran Maier

Kansas Street