Letters to the Editor

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Apropos of “Drought Impacts,” in the August issue, Paul McDonald should simply submerge his entire hose in the tub, make sure all the air is out of it and that it’s totally filled with water.   Then, while underwater cap one end of the hose. Take the capped end down to the tree; the other end remains submerged; weigh it down with a rock. Remove the cap and the water will flow onto the tree until the tub is empty.

This is called a “siphon” and it can be used to move any water from a higher to a lower elevation even if it must go over a tall obstruction.  Just be careful not to allow any air to get into the hose or it will break the siphon.

Michael Hamman

India Basin


My husband and I have owned our home in this neighborhood for more than 17 years, and have been sharing the smaller unit of our home with out-of-towners for about two years. A large percentage of our out-of-town guests happen to be extended family members of other Potrero Hill residents. It’s often parents visiting their adult children and grandchildren. It’s been a great experience to both help and meet our wonderful neighbors and host their visiting family members.  The added income has been great as well. In fact, it allowed us to stay living in our cherished home, without financial hardship, when I was unemployed last year.

Back in February the City passed strict laws regulating home sharing. These laws require us to ensure we pay the same taxes as hotels, and limit the number of days we can rent our space. We’re happy and willing to abide by these laws and pay the taxes.

  But Proposition F, which is on the ballot this November, goes way too far. The proposition would make home sharing near impossible for most. It wouldn’t allow my husband and I to rent the extra space in our own home in a way that works for us, and it forces us to give out private information, like our income and how many nights we sleep in our own home. Proposition F doesn’t solve any of our City’s housing issues. But it does jeopardize our privacy, cut tax income to the City, and encourage neighbor on neighbor spying by allowing neighbors to sue each other, even if the city hasn’t found any wrongdoing.

Proposition F is extreme.  Protect your privacy, protect our City, vote No on F!

Katie Shumays

18th Street