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Southside’s Public Spaces

Most Dogpatch and Potrero Hill green spaces don’t offer the facilities frequently found in parks elsewhere, such as restrooms, barbeque pits, or picnic tables.  Instead, expansive views, muffled freeway noise, and a certain eccentricity mark these public areas.  That may be because almost all of the Hill’s community places were manifested by volunteers, who pulled… Keep Reading

Lots of Things for Kids to Do in Southside San Francisco

Southside San Francisco offers a range of activities for children, including photography, dance, soccer, and Jiu Jitsu.  Many of the goings-on focus on confidence-building, fitness and developing lasting friendships.    According to Lisa Nowell, founder of Recess, a play space at 470 Carolina Street, her company’s 7,400 square-foot community venue is a favorite for neighborhood… Keep Reading

Chocolate Lovers in Luck in Southside San Francisco

San Francisco is the birthplace of two of America’s oldest chocolate makers: Ghirardelli and Guittard Chocolate Company. Both have their roots in the Gold Rush, when enterprising businessmen realized that wealthy miners with a sweet tooth had money to spend on luxuries.  The companies continue to make confections in the San Francisco Bay Area.  And,… Keep Reading

Church Congregations Grow Alongside Population

Some churches in the View’s readership area have reported recent growth in attendance and membership despite the City’s reputation for having a high percentage of religiously unaffiliated individuals. According to 2014 data from the Pew Research Center, 35 percent of San Franciscans are unaffiliated, compared to 23 percent nationally; 48 percent classify themselves as Christian,… Keep Reading

Winery Opens Near the Hairball

At the western elbow of Cesar Chavez Street and Highway 101, between Potrero del Sol and James Rolph Jr. Playground on Potrero Avenue, a new and perhaps surprising neighbor arrived last January to what’d previously served as a Philz Coffee warehouse.  The Eristavi Family Winery was founded in 2006 by Victor and Lia, a husband… Keep Reading

No Need to Go to Napa; Southside’s Wine Scene Matures

Southside San Francisco is home to a surprising array of wineries, tasting rooms, cellars, and bars that reflect the spirit of European and Central and Northern California grape growing regions. Bluxome Street Winery, located at 53 Bluxome Street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, features an events space and tasting room.  Its production facility specializes in… Keep Reading

Bars and Breweries Celebrate Anniversaries

“The neighborhood is evolving quite a bit, and it’s nice to see some community-focused breweries in the area,” expressed Joanne Marino, executive director of the San Francisco Brewers Guild. The Guild, a nonprofit, was launched in 2004 to celebrate the craft of American beer and the City’s brewing heritage. It sponsors Drink SF Beer, a… Keep Reading

Arts Calendar

July 20 – August 28 FOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS – A selection of works from photographers Tama Hochbaum, Fabiola Menchelli, Susan Mikula and Paul Rickert. Hochbaum will show a preview of her series in-progress, Cross/Walks; Menchelli presents exemplary pieces from her 2012-3 Constructions series;  Mikula juxtaposes the intimate scale of 2012 u.X with the insistence of 2014 Thrill Show;… Keep Reading

Community Calendar

August 10 – Pokémon Go Happy Hour Come to an unofficial Pokémon Go meetup and enjoy drink specials, as well as a lure module running from 6 to 8 p.m. One post can be accessed throughout the venue; a few others are nearby. Represent your teams, enjoy the game in a comfortable environment, and listen… Keep Reading

DoReMi Emerges as San Francisco’s Newest Art District

Rising Financial District rents, along with a focused effort to reinvigorate Southside San Francisco’s arts community, has led a large number of art galleries to locate in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill.  Catherine Clark, whose eponymously-named gallery had previously moved three times, was among the first to shift from Downtown to Utah Street. Shortly after arriving… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Thirteen

Jordan bounced on his ball chair and hummed to himself as he checked the latest feeds on his iPhone.  Sennheiser headphones were clamped over his ears; three silent computer screens were open in front of him, displaying a YouTube video of John Oliver, an image from Minecraft, and a Top Chef episode.  “I’m paying you… Keep Reading

Still No Consistent Government Response to Homeless Camps

The City and County estimates that there are roughly 100 encampments – two or more people living without a structured home, typically in tents – and 700 campers at any one time in San Francisco.  However, based on a survey of state and local government officials, including with the California Department of Transportation, Caltrain, and… Keep Reading

Construction on Loop Expected to Start though Opponents Appeal

As the contractor is readying its shovels, a neighborhood group is appealing to temporarily stop construction of the Mission Bay Loop, a turn-around for light rail vehicles on the T-Third line. Contractor Mitchell Engineering has the go-ahead from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and construction is expected to be complete by the end of… Keep Reading

City Launches Clean Power Program

After more than a dozen years of political wrangling, CleanPowerSF, also known as San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation, launched last spring, with a goal of enrolling all of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s current San Francisco customers into the program. According to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) public relations officer Amy Sinclair, the initial… Keep Reading

Balancing Growth and Livability as Neighborhoods Change

An influx of new inhabitants is altering Dogpatch, Potrero Hill and surrounding neighborhoods’ character, particularly from the perspective of longtime residents. There’s concern about an imbalance between intensifying land uses without additional amenities, such as sidewalks, greenery, grocery stores, public spaces, and transit.  “People are sort of shell-shocked,” commented Katherine Doumani, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association member.… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Change

Change is a bitch. Or maybe more like a cheetah, stalking us from tall weeds. Once, on safari in Tanzania, I saw a cheetah stealthily tracking and killing an antelope, a Kirk’s dik-dik.  The dik-dik was cartoon-like in its behavior, happily bounding, in spurts, away from its herd.  I could almost hear the animal humming,… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Church Windows At a Planning Commission hearing held on June 2, the St. Gregory’s of Nyssa Episcopal Church, located on the 500 block of De Haro Street, won the holy war it has been waging against The Murphy Trust since January. The church had raised concerns about how a planned condominium project would affect the… Keep Reading

OP-ED University of California, San Francisco: Déjà Vu

As the great, inimitable Yogi Berra once said, it’s dОjИ vu all over again. There are growing concerns among Dogpatch and Potrero Hill residents that the University of California, San Francisco is expanding outside Mission Bay.  This, along with the tenacious legal actions by UCSF backers to block the Warriors Arena from being developed on… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, I have a small business at 18th and Carolina streets.   Many of my business neighbors are being evacuated for the 1601 Mariposa project; yet another residential monster which we don’t have the infrastructure to support.   On a San Francisco Giant’s “game day” those of us living and working on Potrero Hill are… Keep Reading

OP-ED The Eastern Neighborhoods Plan has Failed Us

In the late-1990s, before the dot-com bubble burst, San Francisco’s eastern neighborhoods faced many of the same issues as today:  rapid gentrification and displacement.  In Potrero Hill and Dogpatch real estate investors gobbled up industrial sites made valuable by 1988 Live-Work legislation that was supposed to help artists, instead displacing them, along with small businesses… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Neighbors Eye Historic Building as Possible Community Center

The Dogpatch Neighborhood Association (DNA) borrows space at the University of California, San Francisco, local bars, and other places to hold its meetings; the neighborhood lacks a multipurpose community center. Finding a building to house a potential Dogpatch “hub” has proven challenging for DNA member Katherine Doumani, who is spearheading the effort. Recently, Doumani identified… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Business Association Debuts

In May, Mark Dwight, founder and chief executive officer of Rickshaw Bagworks, a messenger and laptop bag, sack and sleeve manufacturer on 22nd Street, launched the Dogpatch Business Association (DBA), a nonprofit collection of enterprises located in Dogpatch and Pier 70. DBA will serve as a networking platform for companies, promote neighborhood businesses, and represent… Keep Reading

Efforts Continue to Address Homelessness in New Ways

Frustration over the City’s inability to effectively address homelessness, on the part of homeless advocates and Southside San Francisco residents tired of walking by encampments, remains high.  However, municipal efforts have helped thousands of people get off the streets over the past 15 years, and new attempts are emerging to identify possible ways to progress.… Keep Reading

Recycling Requirements Continue to Threaten Good Life Grocery

Last November the View reported that The Good Life Grocery’s 20th Street location was facing fines of upwards of $3,100 a month for failing to comply with the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act (CalRecycle).  The law, known as the “bottle bill,” and passed in 1986, aims to “…make redemption and recycling convenient… Keep Reading

Comprehensive Pet Complex to Open in Potrero Hill

Wagly – a year old startup co-founded by Shane Kelly – will open its newest facility at 1400 17th Street this summer. Starting from its flagship location in Bellevue, Washington, the company is launching outlets in Seattle, San Jose, and Orange County, in addition to San Francisco, offering daycare, grooming, boarding, and veterinary services all… Keep Reading

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